Great Gifts for Men

Posted by Shiv Prasad at 12:15 PM

Men with a practical streak will not want something showy and expensive. A gift that will be used over and over is more your man’s speed.But going out for soap, shaving gel and deodorant isn’t the best way to go.The answer is to think about the person you are buying for. Does he have any hobbies? If your man has a collection of cigars, wine, coins, or music, there are man gifts to be had, such as fine cigars, a humidor, a monthly subscription to a wine club, coins fit for his collection, or music paraphernalia such as an elegant set of headphones or a set of speakers.

Is there a sport he’s interested in?Golfers would be thrilled with a box of golfing gear, such as tees, balls, gloves, and a couple of games thrown in for good measure. Perhaps a tennis racket or a sports channel subscription would be more up his alley? What type of work does he do? A business man might like a beautiful leather desk set or briefcase, or a new gadget to go with his other computer gadgets. He has things like that because he likes them.

Pay attention to the way he dresses. If he lives in a cold climate, he could probably use a nice warm ski jacket, a thick pair of hiking boots or a pair of Oxfords. In hot weather, khaki shorts, a silk Hawaiian shirt, or a pair of deck shoes are all great gift ideas. Wherever your man lives, a watch matching his sense of style will be appreciated. Most men love their cars. Is he one of them? Men with a practical bent will love a care package of car care items to keep it clean all over. Some men would prefer to have their windows tinted, their car detailed, or to have a brand new sound system installed.

There are some men who are simply not practical. But, there are plenty of gifts for them as well. Gifts that reflect his love of art and culture will best suit a romantic man. For a man of adventure, look for items that adhere to his lifestyle of outdoor activities, travel, as well as his leisure time. If your man is romantic and loves reading, playing the guitar, or listening to music, there are plenty of gifts perfect for him. If this sounds like your man, he might love a new instrument to learn, a set of finely-bound books, or a collection of his favorite music. If he loves music or the theater, he might love a pair of surprise tickets from you.