Diamonds Jewelry

Posted by Shiv Prasad at 7:59 PM

As a woman about her desires in jewelry and you can predict the answer. Yep, diamonds! It goes without saying that diamonds are hugely popular, but only the nature of diamonds explains why. When it comes to jewelry, diamonds are symbols for all the important dates in the life of a couple. The initial commitment is always represented by the diamond engagement ring. Then later in the relationship, diamond necklaces, earrings and such are given to signify anniversaries and so on.

A commitment to another person is…well, a commitment. A person is looking for a commitment of time and totality. Diamonds are symbols for both of these things because of their nature. If you are looking for symbol of something nearly unbreakable, it is the diamond. Formed solely form carbon, the average diamond is one of the hardest substances in the world.

If you just could isolate carbon by itself in a material form in a lab, it would be a powdery substance. The color would not be clear. It would be a dark, mucky mix, but a mix with potential to be great. Diamonds are created when carbon is battered by certain forces. These include heat and pressure. Given enough time, the carbon evolves into a hard, clear substance – a diamond.

Diamonds get their name from the Greeks. It seems the Greeks named everything some times! In this case, the name comes from the word “adamas”, which means unconquerable. If diamonds are formed in the crust of the planet, how do we find them? Oddly, diamonds have not been used in jewelry for that long of a period given the time span of man. Despite all the kings and queens of the past, diamonds were only first used in royal jewelry in Austria in the 15th century. Obviously, they have become a bit more popular since then