wordpress theme sponsorship

Posted by Shiv Prasad at 11:25 PM

We pioneer in wordpress theme sponsorship to help our clients, specializing in casino, health and poker gambling, getting uncountable quality back links in most affordable prices.
Following are our working methodology steps:
1. We design and develop highly professional wordpress themes based up on your domain namely health poker or casino.
2. We will stick maximum number of three links of your niche at the footer of the designed theme.
3. All three links will be encrypted making sure that they stay with the page permanently.
4. We always experiment, enhance and use latest technology to give you best results.
Modus operandi to obtain best results:
1. These beautiful themes will be submitted to more than hundred of sites and forums.
2. You will be given approval at least 50 top quality forums and theme sites.
3. We give you nothing but quality service. We have set analytics of more than sixty forum and theme sites.
4. A generic report will be delivered to you with one week of theme’s availability.
5. We also make efforts to publish your themes to many of our theme sites this will result in:
5.1. This will yield tons of returning visits each day we will furnish every detail.
5.2 more than hundred downloads from our theme sites apart from previously submitted forums and sites.
Following results are guaranteed:
1. Each of your theme or site will receive more than fifty relevant sidewide links from various different link locations.
2. it is very simple to calculate how easy you can get more than 500 downloads every , if your theme get 10 down loads per day and fifty such sites are guaranteed then you will reach 500 mark and cross it very fast.
3. You will find our service high class and satisfying and this will result in 100s of downloads everyday and the number will keep increasing.
We have ever increasing list of more than twenty casino wordpress theme, health and poker domain clients.