Instant Win Games As Stocking Stuffers

Posted by Shiv Prasad at 9:37 AM

Adults take childlike pleasure in potential lottery winnings, and the holiday gift giving season is a perfect opportunity to indulge a friend in a frivolous game of chance that they would not ordinarily take part in on their own. Many times a simple $20 purchase of $1 lottery tickets will continue to please for days on end, as these instant win games usually contain a large proportion of "free ticket" winners. Since the winner will likely not run immediately to the corner store to redeem his free tickets, the fun can go on for several days.

As these games are usually won by exposing 3 identical symbols on a game card, It's wonderfully amusing to watch the recipient of instant win game tickets scratch off the blocking squares. Seemingly rational adults suddenly revert to superstitious nuts as they scratch off their tickets in a particular sequence, or with a "lucky" coin, or by the direction of the youngest member of the family, to increase their chances of winning. Get a group of adults in the same room, scratching off their own tickets, and it gets pretty hysterical! Upon realization that they have won several free tickets and several $2 winners in their batch of 20, these same rational adults then contemplate which store to redeem their additional tickets from, and whether to take cash or additional tickets for the prizes. Pretty invariably, the winners of instant win games choose to take as many additional tickets as they can, since they didn't use any of their own money for the initial ticket purchase, and therefore have nothing to lose.

When the dust settles on the instant win game sequence, usually there is no retirement sized payout, and the recipient is left with nothing but a few days of anticipation of potential wealth and dreams of what to do with it. But, oddly enough, the recipient of instant win game tickets is never really disappointed. And really, this giving of a bit of childlike excitement to another adult is what the giving spirit is all about.