Shopping Cart Software

Posted by Shiv Prasad at 10:23 AM

Shopping cart is extremely useful for commercial websites. It is used for buying a number of things from online store. Just as you use shopping cart in the shopping complex, similarly we have shopping carts software for online shopping. It helps the online shopping customers to keep the things in cart. After entire shopping, this helps in calculating the total cost of the bought materials. This is very useful as it includes the packaging cost and taxes too and then gives the result.

If we divide the shopping cart software on the basis of their users, they can be divided in two. One of the shopping cart is for administrative section. It is meant for the managers. It helps the managers to add, edit or delete any product from the list of products being sold. Secondly, there is a shopping cart for the buyers. It helps the buyers to choose and select products for themselves.

These shopping cart software can also be categorized on the basis of the owner sites. On this basis again, they can be divided in two categories. Some sites have their own shopping carts. These shopping carts are licensed too. While others are being used by making payment for them. These site owners sometimes pay a part of their sale too. All these types of carts are used frequently today, as per the requirements.